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Turning traffic into revenue since 2011.

Search Box is a tiny yet mighty and versatile agency founded in 2011, with 150+ projects under the belt to date.
We started as an SEO and PPC Agency. Today, we offer a comprehensive approach that covers the whole user journey to conversion ー and beyond.
Our key clients are in tech, travel, real estate, high-end goods, private sales, wholesale, business events, public transportation, logistics or trade associations among others.
We’re small by design, to remain free to choose the work we want to do and deliver to the highest level of quality.
We collaborate with cross-functional teams, external consultants and agencies and can even contract remotely or onsite for you. Depending on the scope and specifics of your project, we will bring together talented people who can work at speed.

About us

In Internet years, we're ancient.

Our Clients

Brands and Partners we worked with.
80+ small businesses and big companies, early and growth-stage e-commerce and SaaS startups, independent and renowned international agencies have trusted our expertise over the years. We've worked on 150+ projects for prestigious companies & brands such as Smile.eu, Keolis, La Grande Epicerie - LVMH, Veepee, Danone, Evry2 and many more.

Founding Team

Two Brains, One Goal.
Search Box, it's 10 years of a solid partnership and 25 years of combined experience. She's The Visionary, he's The Pragmatic. She plans, analyses, measures everything and refines to obsession. He's the no-BS, straight-to-the-point type. Together, they are the perfect duo to create Marketing Strategies tailored to your needs, with both ambitious yet realistic goals.
me cadre jaune
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Stéphanie Claudel, Marketing Strategist 🇫🇷🇬🇧

She’s a "Fat T" Marketer with 15 years of experience, and a strong background in areas such as SEO, Content Strategy and Conversion Marketing.
  • She first started in Paid Ads at Yahoo!, then worked for the Search Team on new features and algorithm updates, and projects related to the User Search Experience (SXO) and the Search Journey.
  • She was a popular SEO public figure in another life. She still performs killer SEO and Content audits — you’ll need the stomach for it.
  • She ran a network of online magazines under Search Box for many years, all monetised. Among other things, she can grow a website from 0 to 100K monthly UV in less than 1 year with SEO-driven Content Strategies and no artificial link building. She’s done it many times.
  • She can double your sales and optimise your ROAS with a full-funnel and multi-channel approach, and foolproof techniques to delivering conversions (Paid, CRO).
  • She can grow a new venture into a 500K ARR business in record time with integrated Marketing Strategies built from scratch. She hasn’t saved lives yet, but she certainly did save jobs and businesses on the brink more than once.
  • She has extensive experience with omnichannel marketing tactics (Social, Advertising, Website, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Branding, Events.)
  •  Avid learner, she’s completely self-taught. She built her first website in 2000. Her latest interests lie in Social Advertising and building Engagement through Content and Communities.
  • Gifted with a very analytical yet creative mind, all her decisions are based on actual observations, data and results. You’ll have to know your key metrics for a fruitful collaboration.
She’s also a programme Director at The Founder Institute in Berlin, the world’s first pre-seed Startup Accelerator. Berlin is the best performing chapter amongst 200+ cities across the globe, and where she’s already mentored 60+ young founders in the art of Marketing and building a strong, sustainable business. She also designed and currently leads the Marketing & Branding strategy for the local chapter, with the ambition to expand its influence to a European scale and become the no-brainer programme of choice for early-stage founders.

Stéphane Renaud, Search Marketing Expert 🇫🇷🇪🇸🇬🇧

He's the relentless practitioner. With a background in Business Administration and close to 10 years doing SEO, first, then specialising in Paid Advertising, Stéphane is a very data-driven and no-nonsense type of Marketer — the perfect mindset for skyrocketing ROAS.
  • Also proficient in Display, Google Shopping, YouTube Ads and Universal App Campaigns (UAC), omnichannel marketing tactics and automation.
  • He develops and executes high-performing, best-in-class multi-channel programmes with real-time monitoring and adjustments to leverage multi-touch attribution and optimise the customer journey. As well as longer-term reviews to gauge how leads are maturing through the funnel.
  • He gets 20% CTR on the regular.
  • He can double your sales with just a 15% increase in Ads budget. Did he generate a 95% increase and half-a-million in revenue for a large eCommerce brand this way? Yes, he did.
  • Cursed yet blessed with a very practical mind, all his decisions are evidence-based: your numbers don’t lie! You’ll have to know your key metrics, and be willing to do on-page optimisation if necessary, to rip all the benefits from his long practice of PPC.
  • He makes easy-to-read-and-understand types of reports.
  • Fun fact, he wrote his master’s thesis on the topic of online Advertising 20+ years ago.
He’s also been teaching SEO, Google Ads and Google Analytics since 2012, to hundreds of students, and shows no signs of tiring.
He’s living the dream life in-between Barcelona & Montpellier, in the South of France.
Stéphane Renaud
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Especially for you

Looking for a partner who thinks like a CMO, leads like a VP, manages like a mentor and works like an individual contributor? Look no further.

Your context and needs

Whether you're looking for a Social Ads campaign or a full-blown Marketing and Branding Strategy, we'll make a thorough assessment of your current situation, and offer the best-suited solution for the specific problem you want to solve.
You will get access to all details and documents related to your project via a private, custom-made client space.
This is month 1.
Marketing Plan

Your Marketing plan

We create an "especially-for-you" marketing strategy with a clear roadmap and the KPIs to measure against and then...
This is month 1.

Action, reaction

... We get the ball rolling: we set up all processes and tools, and put our plan into action by doing the actual work.
We report back on our results on a monthly basis, assess our results and revise the strategy on a quarterly basis (according to new business priorities and OKRs, resource levels, etc.)
This is month 2, 3 and 4. By the end of that timeline, the execution of the plan is delegated to your in-house team or external consultants. From there, we only do reporting and adjustments to the strategy.

Our Stack

We can also work with your own tools.
  • Campaign Automation
    Active Campaign, Autopilot, User.com
  • Ads Management
    Revealbot, AdRoll
  • Email Marketing
    Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Autopilot
  • Landing Page and A/B testing
    Instapage, CopyTesting
  • Surveys
    Mailchimp, Typeform, Google Form
  • SEO & Content
    Screaming Frog, Search Console, LSI Graph, Keywords Everywhere, SEMrush
  • Measurement and Behaviour Analysis
    Google Analytics, Hotjar
  • Remote Collaboration
    Zoom, Hangout, Team View, Slack, WhatsApp
  • Other
    Google drive, Coda

Our pricing

It's all about that desired outcome.
All our strategies are custom-made with optimum results in mind, with lots of brain-juice and sweat involved.
There's no such thing as 1 size fits all in Marketing. We create proposals based on your specificities and the desired outcomes for your business.

We also offer commission and lead-based options.

Some words of praise

From our happy clients and partners.

Work with us

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